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Can you get HIV if the condom broke?

Well i'm a 16 years old boy and I had sex with a 29 years old woman about two months ago.
While my penis was inside her vagina, the condom broke.
I took my penis out right after it broke.

I wanted to know if I should take a test or maybe visit a doctor for this?
please help me, i'm really worried.

Thanks in advance
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The odds over you becoming positive from this incident are very, very slim.  But it is not zero.  Take an antibody test now for an excellent indication of your true status.  Then again at 3 months to comply with CDC guidelines.
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Hi James
Thanks for the fast answer.
Just to be sure before taking tests, i have to mention this aswell
The woman i had sex with was married, and she said she isnt infected, but she didnt prove it to me.
I know i worry too much about it but my head is like blowing up with all these thinkings .
So would the infection chance decrease to zero now?
Or i should go for the test
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highly doubtful that she has hiv  :)

with that being said, you should still test to be able to move on from this.

3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive test.
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