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Condom broke

Good day. Last night I had sex with a female whom I don't know her HIV status, a condom broke and we noticed it within less than a minute. I removed and replaced the damaged condom. This morning I noticed an open wound above the head of my penis. Am I at risk of contracting HIV and should I take PEP
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Can you contact her to see when she tested last?
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She last tested in January 2022.
A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other after 12, so if she didn't have any unprotected vaginal from the time of her test & her test window period then she is negative.
s/b,,,,,from the time her window period started until now then.....
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A condom break is a risk, with or without the cut on your penis.  However, a one-time vaginal event is extremely low risk, even if you were unprotected the entire time.  Generally, PEP is reserved for people who have had a risk with a person known to be HIV+, or following high-risk events.

The choice of whether to take PEP or not is between you and your doctor.  You may wish to consider the prevalence of HIV in your area before making the decision.  If the prevalence is low, your odds against both encountering someone who is HIV+ AND getting HIV from a one-time vaginal event are astronomical.
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