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Condom Broke

Hi...I am Naveen....I want to know can visibly broken condom go unnoticed...I am asking this question as I have a event....Unprotected Oral Sex for 5 minutes....And then i put on condom and started having sex.....When i ejected....The girl told me that she felt that the condom was broken....I remember that when I removed my Penis from her I saw my sperm collected.,..From then I was feeling that would that really broked and it was not visible to me....Do I need to go for ART....Please suggest....I AM WRITING THIS AFTER 18 HOURS FROM THAT INCIDENT....She was a sex worker in a brothel where HIV rate is 30%.....I have searched on internet from there I got this data....
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Condoms when they break are usually catastrophic and a huge mess.  Tiny holes don't happen in reality.  They split down the middle and once the integrity of a condom is compromised, they fall apart.  You do not need PEP or medication.  Since you are participating in high risk activity and I noticed on other threads you have a family, you can choose to test at 28 days or beyond with a duo test but it will most certainly be negative.  If the condom didn't break and you checked the tip, you really don't need to test.  And the statistics are quite low even if the condom did indeed break at less than a 2% chance of transmission regardless of a higher rate in the country you are in over all. The person to person statistic, your statistic, is less than 2 %.  Very unlikely.  
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One More question I want to ask...What should I do...Am I over worrying.....I remember 2 mins prior ejaculation Condom was intact....ans as far as I remeber that After ejaculation i saw sperm collected at the top....Is this possible for condom to broke in a way where ur tip is exposed but some part is able to collect sperm
You are asking the same question again. Please read through GR's opinion carefully. There was no risk.

Anxiety driven scenarios don't belong here, you need to see a counselor to address such concern. This forum is only specific to HIV prevention and we have already established that you were never at risk.
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