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Condom broke

I had receptive anal sex with a guy of unknown status. The condom broke, but was able to change new condom and the 2nd condom did not get broken anymore. That was actually my first receptive anal sex after 3 yrs. Am I at high risk and need to take PEP? Thanks.
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You need to make that decision about PEP in consultation with a doctor but there are only 72 hours to decide. Do you know the guy and has he tested recently?
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He couldn't remember if it's last June or July, and it was negative. But he admittedly told me that he became active but on often protected sex. It was also his first time to experience a condom broke.
Oral is not a risk, so if he meant he  always used protection during anal then he would be negative. Can you connect with him now?
It happened last night, he said he will have his hiv test within this week.  I told him already that I'm going to consult a physician while waiting for his result if in case I need a PEP.
Was all of his unprotected sex since his old test purely oral?
Also, there is a 28 day window that you have to account for in any duo test.
As far as he explained to me, he never discussed to me about oral sex. He just mentioned to me he became insertive and receptive on intercourses and all are protected sex.
What is 28 day window? I'm quite confused, sorry.
You have to wait 28 days from your exposure before you can get a conclusive result, so his test this week does not prove he didn't get HIV in the October window period. Same window with his test in the summer.
I would connect with him and ask about oral, since it isn't a risk and make your decision simple.
I'm sorry, what do you mean connect with him... Been figuring out what it means.
Can you call him?
I still have contact with him, we still chat together but not often because we are both busy at work. He is Chinese. He even said he is liking someone else.
I just want to know if his result is negative this week, am I not on the risk anymore? Whenever we are on chat, he always said to me not to worry as he is negative.
I don't think you read my advice very closely so I think you should reread it for background info. If my advice was unclear then let me know. You need to understand the window periods and the fact they are different for different tests.

You inquired about PEP, but I need info to answer that. You have to know what test he had done and when he last had unprotected anal, neither of which you have so that is why I asked you to contact him.

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