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i have been performing cunningulus on my hiv positive partner  and she has cum in my mouth .Will i now get hiv because of this and is it advisable stop going down on her .Besides that we use protection for vaginal sex.On that how safe are condoms she just started taking her meds.
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Sorry about your partner's diagnosis of HIV.  You will not get HIV from giving or receiving oral sex with her.  Air and saliva are involved with that and both of those deactivate the virus.  People do not get HIV that way. People get HIV ONLY by having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  You didn't have unprotected sex.  As long as it is not broken, I you are protected.  And the idea of pin holes doesn't happen.  Condoms split wide open when there is a condom.  So, you had a barrier and were not at risk with your in tact condom.  So, this is not a risk to you.  However, if you plan on being in a long term relationship with her and you have anxiety, I suggest you meet with her with her doctor to help educate you both.  And you could consider starting on a prophylactic treatment to prevent hiv transmission.
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