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Deep kissing with tongue hiv risk?

Hello. I have engaged in deep kissing with tongue with 2 guys about a week ago. We have body contact rubbing genitals and body together. No oral sex neither anal sex happened. Just deep kissing. Cuddling, body contact and genital contact and hand job at the end. Let’s pretend they are hiv positive, Am I at risk for hiv from this activity? Do I need to get tested?

Thank you
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Reread the advice to you on May 1 since it listed the only 3 risks for hiv. hiv prevention is straightforward since there are only 3 risks so next time you wonder if you had a risk just reread the advice of  wondering about all the other thousands of activities you can think of.
btw, You are fixated on the wrong virus, since you will get Covid if any of them had it.
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séb       ....next time you wonder if you had a risk just reread the advice instead of  wondering about ......
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No risk for hiv and theres never a need to test based on the scenario you mentioned.
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