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Exposure, Sore throat, lymph nodes, ARS? Help!

5 weeks ago had sex with CSW in Las Vegas. She did oral on me without condom. Vaginal sex with condom but I finished and pulled out to find that the condom was lost in her vagina. She had to fish it out! I immediately washed my penis with soap and took a shower. She said she gets tested every 3 months. 3 wks ago I started with sore throat and enlarged painful lymph nodes below jaw, below ears & still have all that. Went to doctor who prescribed Amoxicillin but said "probably viral". Both armpits have been aching with one half-pea sized node one each side since 1 wk. Groin on both sides and back of knee aching since 1 day. No fever or rash till now. Had fatigue for 2 days at the start of sore throat 3 wks ago but then felt fine and had been going to gym daily till 2 days ago. Since 2 days feel tired and mild diarrhea since yesterday. The sore throat has never been painful but continues still.
Anyone please help me out, I cant sleep or function!!
Can ARS sore throat continue for 3 wks? There has never been much pain, no tonsil swelling, no pus points.
Do my lymph nodes seems to ARS type? They seem to be in multiple locations.
Can a rash develop now at 5 wks? Can it be so faint that I missed it?
I am going to look for "DUO" test tomorrow. Is that good for 5 wks? Is that enough or do need some other tests too?
Thanks for any advice.
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No place open for testing today!
Can any one please comment on my symptoms? The "Ask an expert forum" is closed to questions! please help.
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Take an antibody test at 6 weeks post exposure as an indication, and another at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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