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Female concerned about HIV from brief oral

Hello I’m a female,
I had intercourse with a condom around the first week of June as far as I’m aware the condom didn’t break. I was tested for all stds the end of April everything was negative. I had brief oral sex on 7/25 that was it. A couple of weeks ago I started having severe headaches and fatigue I have iron def anemia so I started taking iron I noticed the headaches went away. The fatigue had improved a bit as well. A couple days ago I started experiencing the worst fatigue ever and I developed a vaginal yeast infection and oral thrush. My body hurts. I had been eating things with sugar so I attributed it to that plus I had stopped taking probiotics. I also developed a slight fever 100.5... and had night sweats something I don’t usually get. I ended up in the ER. The doctor kept bringing up hiv for oral thrush which didn’t freak me out because I’ve gotten it a few times due to my vitamin deficiencies. This has been the worst it’s ever been as far I can remember. They took some blood and my wbc and rbc..kidney function everything came back normal as well as urine test for uti nothing. Again I’m not aware of the condom breaking but I later saw it in the trash it didn’t appear to be split. When I performed oral the other day I was feeling like I was beginning to have thrush but thought my throat was scratchy due to allergies until the symptoms hit me full force I realized it was thrush do u think with me having the beginnings of thrush that put me at risk. I’ve never felt this sick in my life I also have chills. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Also got a vag swab done last week due to the yeast and results for stds were normal.
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Also failed to mention I think I’m dealing with acid reflux as I have this feeling like I have to throw up constantly but I don’t the doctor said acid reflux wouldn’t cause the other symptoms
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As you were told above, symptoms are not useful to diagnose hiv, so there is no purpose in listing any of them.  No one here pays attention to symptoms.
All that matters is how many days after your last unprotected anal or vaginal did you wait before you took a test? The condom didn't break because it would have split and you would have known, so your June encounter was not a risk for hiv.
It was 3-4 mos after exposure all was negative. The June incident I’m nervous about 2 mos hypothetically if I had an exposure would symptoms start 7-8 weeks later? Thank you for responding
Again, hiv doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms.
Therefore you can't diagnose hiv from symptoms either.
Therefore, you are wasting your time  keeping track of what you consider symptoms and wasting your time doing self diagnosis from your symptom checkoff list.
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Your timeline is somewhat confusing.  First, the oral sex didn't put you at risk for HIV, so you can rule out the cause of your symptoms as being related to that event.  Also, a few days (4?) is not even close to enough to have symptoms develop even IF you were at risk, which you weren't.  They would never appear that soon.

Let's simplify this -  you got tested in April.  What event(s) prompted you to test, and when was your last risk event - prior to the non-risk event a few days ago?
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I had contracted Trich the end of feb early March I went for a follow up to rule out hiv as I had an exposure late December. What has me nervous is the encounter first week of June I had suspicious guy did something to the condom but like I said it appeared to be intact but I feel like I have the symptoms fever thrush body aches night sweats etc I was fine prior
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Also, your partner would have had a great deal of difficulty removing the condom if it had broken in June.  You almost certainly would have known.  

Symptoms, or lack thereof, are never used to indicate an HIV infection.
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I know it’s never a good idea to rely on symptoms but I did have a couple of questions I know they say hiv seroconversion can present as flu like does that mean it literally mimics the flu body aches...fever...stuffy nose..congestion...etc? Would it cause widespread itching or minor itching with or without visible rash? Just curious thank you
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You are correct, it is never a good idea because there is no purpose in studying symptoms. You should stop googling for death cold turkey and stop examining your body for symptoms cold turkey as well. Move on back to your happy life because there are more interesting things to do than making hiv your hobby. Everyone posts here about their ARS, but in reality I haven't seen anyone who actually had hiv so the imagination is a powerful force.
I agree with you I was just curious and wanted some clarity on what they meant by flu like etc
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