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Giving Oral Risky?


I am a guy who has given unprotected oral sex to 2 men in the past few months. I have not had any risky encounters before the oral events.

Both times the men did not ejaculate into my mouth, but they did have precum that went into my mouth.

I have read this is a low risk, and some uk website even said that up to 5% of hiv infections can be attributed to Oral sex in the UK! Is this true?

I have concerns because my gums bleed sometimes, and I also had inflammation because my back tooth was coming through at the time. I also put my tongue into his foreskin while giving oral, blocking the air contact between tongue and foreskin/penis head, wouldnt this cause no air or saliva, making infection more likely?

Sorry I am being paranoid, I want to move on from this, and hopefully not have to do any tests because I have a big fear of needles.
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Thank you everyone. Yesterday I had an encounter with a guy and a girl. I had protected intercourse with the girl, but I gave both her and I gave the other guy unprotected oral as well. I had a canker sores in my mouth at the time, he did not ejaculate, but heavy precum. We also made out. The protected sex was safe right, but what about the the canker sore oral?
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You haven't put your self at risk. Oral sex even with presence of sores, cuts and bleeding gums won't possess a risk since saliva restricts transmission. Testing is not necessary.
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Thank you. So even if put my tongue into his foreskin while giving oral, blocking the air contact between tongue and foreskin/penis head, there was no risk? wouldnt this cause no air or saliva, making infection more likely from precum inside if he had a high viral load (I’m guessing he did)?

Sorry once again, this was the only thing that still concerns me, I try to move on but then remember the tongue foreskin thing.
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There is no "what if" that you could add to your events that would make you at risk for HIV.  As previously advised, ingestion any fluid, via any method, is not a risk for HIV - even with cuts, scrapes, sores - ANYTHING.  

There's no need to "remember" anything about this event, as it relates to HIV. The only thing to remember is not to have anal or vaginal sex without a condom.
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Just to reiterate, the only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. That's it.  Wear condoms, you are safe.
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Good news! You don't have to worry about pricking your self with a needle.

You weren't at risk. Ingesting infected body fluids can't transmit this virus.

Those numbers that concern you are arbitrary since they were calculated from a theoretical point of view long time back, there have been numerous studies in the recent past to conclude that it is not a risk.

Please move on.
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Thank You! Is it true that I only have to worry about unprotected anal or vaginal sex for hiv? The other websites online scared me so much. I can actually move on and not have to test?
Yes. I repeat, you need not worry about HIV from your events, we here at MedHelp provide information that is practical and our information is authentic since this is a moderated forum.
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