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HIV 1&2 Ag/Ab CMIA test result confusion

First of all i would like to thank you for helping people through this forum.

I'm 29 male.I performed unprotected oral sex(cunnilingus) and protected vaginal sex on an escort. After the exposure within a day i had fever, cold and sorethroat and diarrhea. I used clarithromycin antibiotic  and cleared them all within a week.I still have night sweats and didn't have any other symptoms like loss of appetite,swollen lymphnodes, rash,fever till 3 months after that initial symptoms which occured within a day.

After 92 days of exposure i got tested for HIV  and  other important blood tests. All the  blood results were normal  and the HIV result was negative.I don't know whether the HIV test was performed using a 3 or 4 generation . below are my confusions/concerns.

1.should i go for 6 months testing as well if the test was performed using 3 generation?
2.My  doctor said that all my blood tests are normal. does this mean i dont have any auto immune disease and dont need HIV test after 6 month, if the test was performed using a 4th generation testing kit?

please help me . I didn't sleep for 3 months

Thank you and awaiting reply
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you never had a risk…didn't need to test…and don't need further testing
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Thank you very much ,but i feel tired/ fatigue  all the day thats the reason which makes me sleepless so can i be assured that i dont have infection and no testing is further required?
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as stated above…you NEVER had a risk
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You are fine. Probably just the anxiety or a simple cold making you feel a bit rubbish.  As lizzy said no risk
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Are these the fourth generation tests i have got done?
Can i be assured that no further testing is required as i am getting married very soon...Thanks

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