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HIV Exposure

Hi doctor, I am a 23 year old female and I am extremely worried that I could have HIV. I met a boy on January 30th while I was quite Intoxicated. I went home with him and then we attempted to have sex. Since I was intoxicated I don't remember everything. I know we used a condom but it started slip off because he was unable to stay hard to have sex. Eventually we gave up and went to bed.

Since then I have had a sore throat, fever and somewhat of a rash. I am terrified of having HIV - I wrnt and got tested and my results haven't come back yet. What is the probability of me having HIV? I am quite certain he gave me scabies.

Also what kind of HIV tests should I be requesting to get the most accurate answer of negative or positive?
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Also I have canker sores in my mouth and muscle aches - can this be HIV? Please help me understand my risk level!!
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Hi, I'm not a doctor but let me give you my take. If you used a condom your risk is 0%.
I have been in your situation and regarding hiv, the more you read about symptoms, you will feel like you have them.
In my opinion your risk is low, you guys didn't even have inter course continuously, but the only way to know is testing.
Lastly, request for a 4th generation ag/ab combo. This can detect antigens & antibodies from 28 days and Is extremely accurate.

Don't worry. Stay strong.
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