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HIV SCARED - protected receptive anal sex


I’m a male.

I met a guy of unknown hiv status I am bottom.

We had anal sex with a condom I was receptive. No oral. When I had wiped myself after the tissue smelt of cum, we’re as the condom was intact.

Do I need pep?

I did take pepse 2 tablets on demand dosing but was only 1 hour prior to exposure.

Someone please help I’m worried
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I don't think it is wise to disregard the correct advice offered to you here. I second Chima7.

Instead of getting on PEP for a total non-exposure situation, you must rather seek counseling for your irrational fear.
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hi i used to worried just like you, i m afraid my partner vaginal scretion touched my sores on penis while removing condom, so indirect, howver after read a lot, i think it is not how hiv transmitted, just like in your case, as long as the condom is intact you should feel no worry. howver anal intercourse is the most risky exposure along with injecting needle
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Exactly, thank you. I will take pep for a month just incase
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Theres no risk for hiv for the ecounter you mentiond as you had protected condom anal sex.
No broken condom no risk involved.
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Why could I smell really strong smell of cum then when wiping?
It doesn't matter. You used a condom and it wasn't broken, therefore you were not at risk. Furthermore, I think you're overly anxious which is why your mind is making up all kinds of misleading ideas of what may have happened and that's making you worry. All you need to know is that using a condom which doesn't break is what prevents the spread of HIV. Additionally, your partner probably doesn't even have HIV that you know of, which means it's not even possible to catch it from someone who doesn't even have it.
Thanks but as I smelt it and he is unknown I will take pep for 28 days just incase.
You don't need PEP because your condom didn't break! And it doesn't matter what you think you smelled. You're making this up in your head and there's nothing here except your fantasy of getting infected for some reason.
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