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HIV from sharing a cocaine straw

I know this question has been asked before but I would like if somebody could put it in perspective; as for me this helps. I was at a high school reunion party and seeing some old friends we ended up drinking a lot. One of the guys had some cocaine and asked me if I wanted some, I never tried it and had a 4 sniffs through out the night. When I woke the next morning my mucus was kind of bloody. I had the straw from the night before and I could not see any blood on the tip; there was some white powder hardened around the top. I do not know his status and feel if I tracked him down I would seem quite paranoid and crazy sounding. Is HIV a real risk here? Or should I just move on? Would this be equivalent to oral sex or is this a much lower risk if any? I'm trying to have kids with my wife and my mind will not stop racing. I took a HIV rapid at 24 days, and it was negative? Some advice from someone with clear head would be beneficial  
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Well it is on the same level or risk as oral sex....No risk.
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So testing any further is unnecessary?  Or do you think I should do a six week test? From what I've been reading it seems that this will be a extremely good indication. My anxiety level has never been this high and I'm driving my wife crazy...
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If you did not have a risk then why would you need to test?
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you're right, I guess I worked myself up for nothing. I also did the worst thing you can, I googled like crazy and found sites saying things like it is a high risk and such. I appreciate your advice and will try to calm myself down. Thanks!
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Vance one more question, since many sites say this is a risk factor for Hep C would you recommend testing for that, and if so when should I go.
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