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HIV worried

I am 28 years old man , i massage girl did an oral sex for me around 10 weeks ago . the whole process took around 10 minutes and i didnt ejaculate . i did an ELISA 4th generation test after 3 weeks , results were negative . is the result conclusive and is oral sex considered unsafe sex and can it be a way to transfer HIV ????? , because after two weeks of the incident  i had a flu ( blocked nose only )  for 1 day followed by a sore throat for 3 days , i took an anti biotic for that . furthermore after 5 weeks i have a flu for 3 days ( blocked nose as well ) . 8 weeks after incident i had my tonsilis swollen i took an antibiotic as well for this incident . i am really worried that i have HIV . please advice .
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You can relax as you never had a risk. sounds like your suffering from anxiety.
No HIV risk from what you describe above. move on from HIV and relax.
how about the ELISA 4th generation  test after 3 weeks is it conclusive ??

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As you had no risk you did not need to test
Time to move on and put your unwarranted fears aside.
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HI doctor

I am from China,

I have a risk of oral sex don't have condom and sex used condom.

I have tested HIV infection by 3rd generation after 4 weeks and 6 weeks, the result were negative. But I don't know the window period, some doctor say. the window period will be 3 month. do you see anybody 6 weeks was negative and after 3 month as show positive. Now I am very fear. please advise to me. so thanks!
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