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Have I contracted hiv std

A month ago I had a one night stand with a friend. And I'm starting to worry that I may have hiv and std.

I used a condom except when she gave me a oral sex. She scratch me on my arms and thighs. Just red no bleeding if I remember. And I'm starting to feel an uncomfortable sensation  on my lips. And I had boil on my groin earlier before I had sex with her. But last week it hurt a lot till I can't sleep. I applied boilease and now it has healed but it's still an open wound but it doesn't hurt just itchy.

I'm just freaking out if it's the hiv or std that caused my boil to hurt so much suddenly. And my fingers are numb and when I clench my fist it feels like needle's poking. I Google my symptoms and it seems like I have it all.

I booked an appointment for std test this coming Friday. But Im really freaking out. Hope someone can help me out.
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Your exposure was low risk gono and chlam are not commonly transmitted through oral. Most people do not have hiv or other sti your friend is probably in that group( just a guess) I really don’t think you need to test based on your one time encounter. But if you must to put your mind at ease make sure the time line for each test is correct and the results are conclusive
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Oral is zero risk for HIV. A test will be a waste of time. HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms and likely yours are in your imagination from fear anyway.
Thank you for the reply. I'm really worried. It has been a month. And I have been reading about symptoms of std and hiv. Because the tingling and burning made me think i have herpes or syphillis. I'm confuse whether it is suppose to hurt when touched or it wouldn't hurt at all? And how a lesion makes you feel or look like?
Your theory is unscientific. You guessed you have HIV, looked up what you think are symptoms of HIV  , then concluded that you had proven you have HIV.
Reality is you can't have HIV, so your unscientific theory is wrong.
Your problem is not disease, it is fear of disease which is a mental health problem if you can't overcome it. You don't have any medical training, so it is unrealistic for you to have so much confidence in your ability to diagnose HIV disease. See your doc or a therapist so they can explain to you that you can't diagnose disease.
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