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Hiv from hair patch service.

Hello Doctor ,
My situation is weird i suffer from anxiety.... I have baldness on middle of my head and to cover it i use hair patch . It caused itching sometimes due to which i scratch my scalp with nails that cause redness on scalp ......no bleeding only superficial redness . I visit hair clinic for the service of hair patch they clean it with alchol to remove glue and shampoo it thoroughly and then apply double side tap on it ( my question is similar to hiv tainted bandaid aplied on wound ).Now my question is that

1. I think that may be the person who apply tape on hair patch has hiv and he may cut his hand with scissor and some blood fall on hair patch. Gap between his blood fall on patch and it applied on my head is i think more than 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Do hiv virus bevome ineffective in btw?

2. They apply double side tap so they remove upper part of tap and then put on my head may be blood get away with tape.

3.Gap between i sctrach my scalp with nails on head and visiting the hair clinic is more than 2 -3 hours . Do my scratch heal or it acts as protector against Hiv virus.

4. Is it possible that hiv transmit in this way .

5. I am using the patch service for 6 years from 2014 and i have tested for hiv on 30 dec 2018 with negative result. My wife is also tested for hiv two times for pregnancy in 2015 and in 2020 recently both time negative. Do you think this patch service can give me hiv . No other exposure after my last hiv test.
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This is a long question with a simple answer which is no risk. The only ways that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with penetration or sharing IV drug needles. Touching blood or even being stuck with something will not result in HIV.  Air inactivates the virus. Injecting needles that are used in IV drugs are different than a needle stick. So, you are explaining a zero risk for HIV.
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I think my question is similar to this say hiv blood fall on hair patch and after say 10 minutes it applied on my scalp with the help of tape ( my scalp has abrasion due to nails say 3 hours old ) can hiv pass in this situation
1. Do hiv become inactive in 5 minutes.
2. Three hour old Abrasion can protect against hiv tansmission.
It's as if you never read my response.  No.  it's not a risk.
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