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Hiv risk from frottage and accuracy of duo test at 4 weeks

Dear Dr Handsfield, I had a nude body to body massage few weeks ago and the masseuse rubbed her vagina on my penis for 5 mins where her vaginal fluids may have come in contact with my foreskin and penis head. There was no penetration or insertion. Please advise the risk for hiv or hepatitis involved here. Did the HIV duo test Antigen and Antibody done 26 days after exposure and came back negative. Do I need any further testing at the 3 month mark.
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Dr. Handsfield doesn't post here anymore.

But if he was here, he would tell you that you had no risk and that your test proves that you don't have HIV.
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Dear Chima
Thank you very much for your response .. just wanted to know how reliable is the hiv duo test at 4 weeks cause the cdc recommends 12 weeks .. a bit of anxiety and stress here
Testing only applies to people who had a risk, which you did not. Therefore it's irrelevant to your situation.
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