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Hiv risk from urethra scratch by massage

I had a meeting with asian escort while me and her were totally nude and she started to give me hand job with oil massage and I fingered here and notice that she is not wet all the time or maybe there vaginal secretion which I don’t notice
She apply some oil on her vagina and afterwards immediately massage hard my penis with the same hand
Also I use my hand to masturbate after fingering her
I know from all topics that I had no risk

But after I went home I found there is small scratch on the urethra but not bleeding or cause any burn feeling
It is red thin line in the opening of the penis head

I have wife and family and I’m worried if this encounter but me on risk of hiv

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My question if the vaginal fluid is   Mixed with oil massage and exposed to my fresh urethra scratch do this increase my risk
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Do i need to be tested
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Theres no need to test for a handjob as its not a way to get infected with hiv,having unprotected penetration sex is a risk.
No point testing for that non risk event as it will come back negative for sure.
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Even there is doubt for scratch on the urethra as I noticed red line not bleeding and even painful on the opening of the penis I gues from the escort nails
There is no "what if" that you could add to this event that would make it a risk for HIV.  The ONLY sexual risk for HIV is, as zell_lin stated, having unprotected vaginal or anal sex.
Thanks zell_lin and CurfewX for your valuable answers appreciated
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You have no risk from what you've described, even with this scratch that you keep going on about. In an adult, only unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles are possible risks for HIV. Nothing else you can think of is a risk, including everything you've posted here about the scratch and everything. No risk means obviously nothing to test.
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Thanks a lot ,appreciate your answer what help my anxiety a lot
Are you doctor ? Just for more of my peace mind
There are no doctors here but it's a moderated forum where any information that is not in line with HIV expert advice is deleted by the moderators.
Thanks again
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