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Hiv risk?

I had sex with a transexual 30 something days ago. What is the chances of me catching hiv? I used a condom because I was the insertive partner. He put vaseline on the condom before I started to have sex with him, but when I found out that you can't put vaseline on a condom it was too late. Anyway when I was done having sex about a few hours later I filled the condom up with water to check for any holes or leaks and didn't notice any holes in the condom. Should I get tested for Hiv or not? And am i at risk? Symptoms I noticed is black lines in my two fingers that i didn't have before and wheezing problems.
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You are correct about Vaseline being a bad idea, but that's because it could cause the condom to break.  Your condom clearly did not break, so you were at no risk for HIV.

There is no need to fill condoms with water to check their integrity.  If a condom fails in a sufficient manner to allow transmission of HIV, it will burst open and you will have no doubt that the condom failed.
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Thank you. Since I can rule out Hiv? What about other stds? Because I forgot to mention that I got oral too from him. And I also forgot I have a swole lymph node as well.
HIV is a non-issue.  You weren't exposed to HIV.  Oral sex is not a risk - only unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex.

You can ask about STDs here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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