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I have a question about Western blot test and ELISA test

I had unprotected sex on september 8th and went to go see my doctor at Kaiser Fabiola building here in Oakland California on the 24th. i told him i was sexually active and i wanted to get tested since i didnt use a condom. Yes he told me that my chances are catching it are low, but i was panicing so bad i just wanted to get tested. He told me to go the laboratory and i got blood drawn and i peed in a cup. I later read that Kaiser does a ELISA test and they also do   a Western Blot test to be more accurate and to be sure. i got called 2 days after and my doctor told me i was negative. my question is how accurate is the negative and should i be satisfied with the negative? how accurate is the Elisa test at 3 weeks? How accurate is the Western blot test at 3 weeks?
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Elisa test as every simple hiv test is accurate and fully conclusive 3 months after your last exposure.
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Western Blot tests are not screening tests.
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