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Indeterminate Western Blot

I went to the doctors to get routine blood work done, I told him to check for everything just to be on the safe side. I'm 25 and have only been with 2 people. I got my results back from my blood work and everything was good except my western blot test was indeterminate because they found strands of P24. Obviously I was freaking out so i went out and took Oraquick which came back negative. I have to go back for a repeated test. but in the meantime i've taken 4 oraquick tests in a 3 month period and every single one has come back negative. What are my chances of this being a false positive? I havent had any symptoms and both the people I have been with are both HIV negative.
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Then why was my doctor acting more nervous than i was? He made it seem that its very uncommon that a western blot is indeterminate. I was actually more positive about it before i talked to him. But thank you very much! i appreciate your response
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WB is not used for diagnosing HIV it is used for a confirmative test which you had nothing to confirm. You don't have HIV.
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