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Intentionally inject HIV at lab?

HI Experts,

I am from Pakistan. I went to blood checkup last week. I feel that nurse has intentionally injected HIV and taken blood.

I have doubt on nurse because of below reasons.

1. she took my blood by laying down on bed. i used to give blood by sitting in lab.

2. I could not see blood withdraw procedure as I was laying down without pillow.

3. I got hard stick pain when she injected me first time.

4. I had small bruise away from injection point.

Do you recommend to go for HIV testing in above situation?

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Thanks all for your expert views. I will take it out of mind and move on.

I thought that I got bruise because of injection.
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I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps the recent infamous case of needle reusage in your nation must have made you worried, it probably happend due to lack of knowledge or an attempt to save cost on syringes, certainly not a deliberate intent to infect people with HIV. No doubt, it was unfortunate and catastrophic at the same time.  Incidents like that seldom occur because on the contrary to what happened, healthcare professionals are trained to take care of your health. From a logical point of view, there is no reason for anyone to deliberately infect you with HIV.

It is irrational to believe that someone identified and stored HIV infected blood or needle to later infect you with a negative intent. If you are always irrationally worried, seeing a therapist to discuss this would be a good idea. If not, just let this go and move on with your life.

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I always have my blood taken lying down because I faint otherwise. Getting a bruise where you just had a blood test that you felt the stick is very common also. That's why you have a bruise, because it hurt when she stuck you. There's nothing in your post that is concerning from an HIV perspective. You're just being irrational and paranoid and do not require any HIV testing because you were never exposed to HIV.
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This is what we call irrational fear.  No, she didn't purposely inject you with HIV.  Do you generally have anxiety like this?  The only ways people get HIV is to having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles.  Your scenario is a figment of your imagination and reflective of anxiety.  I'd work on the anxiety to help you through these situations to stay rational and logical.  good luck
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I ask her to show new niddle every time and may be she got frustrated.  

Also she doesnt know that I will come for blood draw so she cant plan.

Do you feel any HIV risk around above scenario?
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No.  Why would the nurse do that?  Bruising is normal around the area where you get blood drawn.  Sometimes the person drawing blood isn't very good at doing it painlessly.  I've never personally had blood drawn while laying down, so that does sound odd, but again, why would she do that?  Where would she get the HIV from?  Paranoia will drive you nuts.  You're fine.  But you might not want that nurse drawing your blood next time, good ones do it pretty painlessly.
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