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Open Disposable Needle Box

Hello so I went to Quest to get tested for something else but when I sat down and rested my elbows on the arm rest I felt a pinch on my elbows. I turned to look and on both sides there were the red hazard boxes where the needles and vacutainers are disposed of. Now I’m not sure if it was a needle or the sharp edge of the box but if it was a needle then am I at risk?  As far as I know Quest only does blood draws and no injections/vaccines if that makes a difference. Thank you.
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Thank you I just wanted to be sure the risk didn’t apply to vacutainers since that’s what they use there. Thank you for the help, very reassuring.
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So risk? Low risk? No risk? Thank you.
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ZERO risk.  HIV has to enter the bloodstream.  This never happens via minor cuts, scrapes, pricks, etc.  That's why intravenous needles are one of the only two risks.  It needs to be a needle, with a syringe, deliberately injected directly into a vein.  Forget about this event and anything similar.
When you say injected you mean fluid from the needles syringe into the bloodstream? Or needle inserted in skin, injected? And it has to be a syringe, not a vacutainer?
You didn't have an injection. The advice was clear and mentions the words "only" & "injected" so it is time to stop repeating the advice then adding question marks to it.
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This is not a rational scenario.  Laboratories don't leave sharps disposal bins open with uncapped needles poking out of the top of them.  If they did, then you should report them immediately.  
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They did in fact leave the bins open whether uncapped or not I’m not sure but I’ll sure to report. Regardless, is it a risk if it was one of the needles that stabbed my elbow?
I will say I’m pretty sure the Quest only uses Vacutainers and no syringe like needles since they are a blood drawing company. If that makes any difference.
You have to be injected to have a risk, because hiv is dead in air so the only slim chance of infection is a quick needle sharing situation. Time to move on, and I doubt you got stabbed anyway. Lots of times a sharp biting feeling is just a muscle or nerve twitch.
Thank you so blood drawing needles aren’t a risk then? I’m not sure if vacutainers are only to take blood out or if they can insert things in as well.
Not risk. Reread about move on.
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