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Is an pooled rna negative at 14 days and a Neg. Insti test are 80 days conclusive?

I had a negative RNA naat and 4th gen combo at 14 days. Also had a negative Insti test around 80-83 days. Is 5is conclusive or do I need further testing?
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You have conclusively tested negative. You dont need to test any more.
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Alright, thanks for the info.  Your testing time frames are a little strange. But none the less, All tests are conclusive at the 3 month mark (90 days).  You had a true risk with unprotected anal sex.  However, a one time exposure is still low in terms of how often it ends up transmitting HIV, less than 2 percent of the time.  But none the less, that constitutes a risk and you were wise to test.  

The RNA test may have been a bit early to mean much with day 10 being the earliest they are read.  Day 28 for a 4th generation duo test is about the first time it is considered conclusive.  And all other tests are conclusive at 3 months.  You've now gotten to the 3 month mark and tested negative so would rest easy that you did not acquire HIV.  
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Curious as to why it sounds strange. I had a lab duo and NAAT at 14 days. The person at the test center said the NAAT was conclusive but I insisted on a rapid test, which was the Insti test after 80 days it was negative. 2 weeks later I went to another testing center and they did a Alere Determine combo rapid test, negative around 100 days post. But I’ve been reading that the rapid test aren’t as accurate as a lab test. I’m worried that I need another lab test to confirm. Thanks
Had in my head *4* days which would be early.   And if the clinic told you it was conclusive, why the continued testing? However, at this point, the discussion really doesn't need to go further as you have tested conclusively negative.  The Alere Determine combo rapid test is a 4th generation test and was conclusive.  You don't have HIV.  No more tests needed.  
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What exactly was your risk?
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Unprotected anal
Also had a negative Alere determine combo at 100 days. But I’m concerned with the accuracy of the rapid test.
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