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My friend is very worried

My friend was exposed to an unknown woman (the anus is not protected) he tested after two months with rapid test .. the result is negative.  Are the rapid tests all type. accurat?
I told him my friends on MedHelp would consider my cut in 28 days.  (My friend tested it in a private laboratory by pricking a finger, but he does not know the brand, so the question is whether all types are final)
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"I told him my friends on MedHelp would consider my cut in 28 days." What cut are you talking about?
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Sorry for my language.  I mean conclusive
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Thank you .  Is the rapid test of any kind conclusive.  After three months?  Because the informant only has a quick (finger prick) test.
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It does not matter its type or brand?
The information when generally on the test is that the window period is the same because of the type of test not the brand of test.  The clinic in which the test was administered would be able to answer questions regarding the specific test as well.
Yes, I understand that. I mean, all of the rapid tests on the market are accurate
I answered your question already.  My answer is type of test and not brand specific.  Brands of the same type of test don't have different window periods.
Sorry, but you don't understand me.  I mean, the rapid test (finger prick ،antibody), whatever its trade name gives reliable results ??
Any answer please. Are the rapid tests sold to us in developing countries?
Their results are reliable?
Most tests are sold worldwide.  If your friend has questions about what test he took, he needs to consult the clinic.  No one here knows which test he took.
Test with the rapid test (finger prick) Are the rapid tests all reliable?(in general)
ALL tests are reliable when taken at the correct time.  Again, your friend needs to consult the laboratory to determine what test, and what generation test, your friend took.  Perhaps it would be more efficient if your friend posted his own questions here.
The test is for antibodies only
You have already been answered about the correct time period to take this test.  There is no point in asking the same questions over and over when you have been advised that 90 days is the correct time period.
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HIV rapid tests are fully conclusive at 90 days or 3 months although they say the window period is 18 to 90. That means his negative will most likely not change.  But to be sure, repeat that test in a month.  4th generation Duo tests are accurate at 28 days and maybe that is what you had.  A one time unprotected anal exposure is very low risk though close to 1 percent chance.  That low, so he should not over worry but get a final result.
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