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Possible HIV infection? worried

Hi, I am a 21 year old female. I live in Tokyo Japan, I made some very horrible mistakes this month. I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with two different men, both Japanese and in their 30s, one of which i also had oral intercourse with. I cannot sleep at night because I am concerned that I may have contracted HIV, although I have no serious reason to believe that either of these men have HIV, I understand that there is always the possibility for someone to be living with the disease and not realize it. I plan to get tested next week, but I was hoping for some statistics to ease my mind. I know that I may have to wait around 3 months for a truly accurate test and I cannot be so anxious for that long.
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There are no numbers to give you. If the men are non drug users and 100% straight then the risk is low that they had HIV.
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If you are worried, just endure and get tested using a 4th Gen test @28days. 1 week after exposure is consider early cos It takes about 21 to 25 days for antibodies to appear.
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