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Sharing things with HIV positive person and transmission

I live with a friend who is hiv positive and i came to know it now and im super worried because we are close to eachother... We shared food, bath water many times what if it had any blood and i get lots of paper cuts..suddenly i had sore throat and bumps on back wall of my throat and oral candidiasis when i googled it show that these are symptoms of HiV so I got tested with tridot at first its negative after 89days almost 3months tested with western blot and its negative after 3months  that is 94days  tested with tridot and its negative  
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Unless there has been the following incidences, nothing else can be attributed to risk.

1. Unprotected insertive sex - Anal or Vaginal

2. PWID - Sharing of needles.

3. Blood transfusion.

I request you read about HIV and it's transmission. Nothing that you have mentioned puts you at a risk of contraction. You never needed a test.  

Even for someone with real risk,  your tests at the timeline it had been taken yeilds a definitive result.

You can find information about HIV in the below url:

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Im living with my friend 4months only had never done the above incidences..
1.Im still having sore throat and oral candidasis are these any how related to hiv im super worried...
2.can i be sure that i dont have HIV from my test results or should i take any other tests?
3.the blood drawing needles and syringes used for my tests can cause any transmission ?
I understand you are probably thinking about HIV from the point of  view of symptoms.  Also,  the realization of some one close in family and friends living with HIV causes disruption.

The real problem is that you have spent a considerable time on the internet browsing about HIV symptoms and now the mind is conditioned thinking "What if I have the virus?" This has led to obsession and relating your self to symptoms.

Nothing changes the fact that you did not have a risk,  hence you can not acquire the virus.  Whatever the cause of the problem is,  HIV is not the reason.  Also,  I am sure your evaluation of oral candidiasis is probably incorrect, a professional needs to check and suggest.

The idea of acquiring the virus through HIV test is totally irrational.

You are clearly exhibiting OCD. If you  are unable to seperate logic from the irrational, please have a mental health professional help you.  I repeat HIV is not your problem here.  Good luck.
Are my tridot at few days after exposure and  western blot tests at 89months after exposure and after 3months had tridot test all are negative ! Are these conclusive for sure or not im in confused state?
Sorry its 89days after exposure mistyped as 89months
You never had a risk.  Also, for someone with real risk,  the tests you have taken in the timeline would be conclusive.

Your real problem is OCD.  Please seek help. No one ever in the history of this disease has acquired the virus through sharing utensils, shaking hands or drinking from the same glass.  You are not going to be the first one going in to the history books.  
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