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Super stressed

Hey... I was with someone which i dont know his status so we did no anal sex but we did oral sex. He finished in my mouth without notifying me ahead so it took me like 5-7 seconds to decide what do. ( I mention it because i know i should act immediately to lower risk which I didn't). After like 7 seconds i spit most of it and i guess i was swallow some without control :( . More than this, i checked super good and there is no blood/sores/cuts that i can see in my mouth but in the lask week i have hard cough.

A. What is really the risk to get hiv from sprem in the mouth? Is it really exist?

B. I dont have any sore but since i cough for a week.. if i have some viral thing or some Throat illness (the ones u need antibiotics to)... Is it incase the risk?

Im super stressed so thanks for any answer :/
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