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Two questions about HIV

I have two questions about HIV, they're not related to each other.

1) Let's say that one had been infected with HIV and experienced ARS symptoms, and became well after that. Is it possible that the infected one may experince some kind of HIV symptoms, especially swollen lymph nodes during asymptomatic era?

2) I gave oral sex to a guy 2 weeks ago. I had given it about 10-15 minutes, roughly and deeply for sure, after that I spit blood, so there was an open sore in my mouth (it's obvious that it was open because it was bleeding, isn't it?). I didn't let him to ejaculate into my mouth, but then I went on licking and then some cum entered my mouth, and maybe some pre-cum before ejaculation, I don't know. What's my risk for HIV transmission?

Thanks for your help, have a nice day.
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1. I cannot understand your question but symptoms are not tye best way to judge for hiv only a blood test is the best way.
2. If you say blood on your mouth how deep was the wound? What caused the bleeding? Anyway oral sex is not a risk for hiv. Your risk is very low specially there was no ejaculation. For your peace of mind you you may test with a duo test at 28/days if our words cannot give you comfort.
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Someone well informed please. Anyway, thanks.
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The answers you received are spot on.
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Thank you vance for the confidence.
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