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Unprotected oral sex with symptoms


I have been reading endless websites on the risks of hiv from unprotected oral sex and have been left completely confused and I hope someone may be able to help.

On 24 September I met with a TS escort - a very well known former pornstar. It was a spur of the moment decision - she is someone that i've admired for a long time and I happened to be in her home town. This was my first (and will be my last) experience with an escort.

She performed protected anal sex on me on multiple occassions. I performed oral sex on her which was unprotected - on multiple occassions I performed deep throat, with my head being forced deep down her penis. She eventually came - all but the final part was on my chest, but I did lick the tip of her penis at the end which still had cum on it which I swallowed. I'm not sure if there was any pre cum, but i'd assume so.

I occassionally suffer from bleeding gums, but I had last brushed my teeth in the morning and it was early evening when I met her (so roughly 9 hours had passed). I also had two small mouth ulcurs - one on my upper lip and the other on the side of my cheek. Both were in the process of being healed and were cleared up by the next couple of days.

I have immediately feeling anxious about the whole event. I considered taking PEP, buy the guidance that I read (in the UK) states that it would not be given for unprotected oral sex only. As I would have had to lie (e.g. say that I had unprotected anal sex) I decided not to, which I am now regretting.

The following week, I have suffered from a dry / sore throat and was regularly swallowing to clear my throat. That has subsequently stopped. I'm not sure if that may simply be due to anxiety. I have also had trouble sleeping.

On day 14 I carried out a full sexual heath screening. The HIV test was a fourth generation test for both antigens (p24) and antibodies. The result was negative - however I was immediately told by the clinic that the test was non conclusive and that I needed to be retested after 6 weeks. I tested No other STIs were deducted.

Subsequently I have been having night sweats and pain under both armpits (which continue). I have checked for swollen lymph nodes under both but have been unable to detect any (although I may not be checking properly). The pain under the armpits may be from weight training and has reduced after roughly a week, although still occur on occassion.

On day 21, I carried out a home kit blood test (biosure HIV self test) which came out negative - again I know that the test is not meant to be determinative until 6 weeks to 3 months.

My neck has also started to feel stiff and is sore at the back - there is no visible lymph node swelling but pressing on the right had side of the neck, I felt a round bulge. The tip of my tongue is also sore / tingling (I believe it is a start of an ulcer). My skin is also becoming dry, although there is no visible rash.

I know I can wait another two weeks for futher testing but i'm not sure I can wait that long. I am driving myself absolutely crazy - I've been an absolute idiot but hope that this one mistake will not live over me for the rest of my life.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and help.
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You don't need an HIV test.  Oral sex does not result in HIV and there has never been a single documented case of it doing so.  Saliva has enzymes in it that inactivate the virus and air renders it inactive as well.  Therefore, oral sex is not going to transmit this fragile vitus.  Protected anal sex is also not going to transmit the HIV virus.  The barrier of the condom would protect you and only the urethra needs to be covered. Licking the tip of a penis will not transmit the virus.  Bleeding gums will not cause oral sex to be a risk. It's not.

The only risks for HIV are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
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