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Unprotected vagina

Hello Dr. 3 months ago I was exposed to a woman.  Unprotected vagina.  I tested it a month later and it was negative I don't know the test generation nor the reliability of the laboratory.But after about 3 months, I had fever, sore throat, and nasal congestion for 6 days.  Are these symptoms HIV?
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Your risk was low and you must have been tested on 4th generation of HIV test since it is most widely used as a standard test in diagnostic centers across the globe. I am confident that you already know at 4 week a IV Generation is conclusive for you.

Supposing that you tested with a III generation, the result would still be very reliable at 4 weeks, since most people would already test positive if they were to be infected from their exposure. It won't be a bad idea to take a final test at 6 weeks for your own peace of mind.

Your symptoms seems unspecific to HIV ARS, they don't show up so late, as stated before, your risk was low and a negative at 4 weeks only reflects that you are fine. Just get that final one at 6 weeks, I foresee a negative.
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Right .  And I have lymph nodes behind my ear.  
I don’t know which generation.  I am in a developing country and the laboratory is small and the cost of the test is approximately $ 12.  Is it considered reliable?
You said that your event was 3 (or more) months ago.  ANY test you take right now will be reliable, accurate, and conclusive.
thank you .  .What is the period of symptoms hiv?
I remember that the laboratory told me that it was a calibration HIV . Not Elisa
About 2 weeks post-exposure.  Just take ANY test at any time now, and you will know for certain that you do not have HIV.
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