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Was this a risk?

Hi, thank you for the services here.

I gave unprotected oral to 2 different men in the summer, both did not ejaculate into my mouth, but there was pre cum in my mouth. They are both bi.

I often have bleeding gums, and I also had a canker sore in my mouth, plus my wisdom tooth is also coming through and sometimes hurts.

What is your assessment? Is my oral giving a risk?
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Thanks, does that mean giving unprotected oral with mouth issues is no risk? So no testing required right?
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Testing is not recommended for oral events, with or without mouth issues.  You were not at risk for HIV.
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The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Mother to child.

Saliva contains at least 12 substances that neutralize the virus.

All the best.
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