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Worried of unprotected Oral sex

Last Friday (44 hours passed) I went to gay full body massage and it turned out happy ending at the end.
My super fool thought and act was that I did perform oral sex to him (giving BJ to his penile) but without his ejacuation as I remembered correctly as no taste of salty or any strange taste. Approximately his penis stayed in my mouth not over 20 sec. accumulate. After things done, I took mouthwash to clean things out.

I believe that I have no sore(s) in my mouth and throat as no bad symstoms occurs around and my mouth is healthy till now.

With this case, may I ask

Is it really exposed to HIV transmission or any level of risk?

Any documented cases reported HIV infection from this alike act?

Should I take PEP?

Thank you so much.
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The advice can't change from these posts.  

You have a bit of hiv over-anxiety considering how many other times you have posted about other no risk events, so consider therapy to help you live a normal life instead of spending it worrying about activities that are not a risk for hiv. You have Covid risk though because you have no idea if he is positive for that, so your priorities are misplaced worrying about something that you have been told twice has no risk..

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You've already been told the risks of HIV. They include having unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  Oral sex is not a risk at all.  
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Just given little update here.
HIV counsellor in my country advised and precribed PEP for 28 days (TDF & DTG) 2 pills daily, initiated around hour 46.
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The counselor probably wanted to get you out of their office so is wasting your time with the pills to make you happy. Or else your country is one that has created a social stigma about hiv, so uses unscientific guidelines that the doctors have to follow. In any event, we rely on the opinion of expert doctors and pay no attention to people pretending to be administering medicine in your country, or else we will be here all day arguing with whatever claim you are making.
You had no risk so should see a mental health counselor instead of wasting your life making worrying about hiv into some kind of hobby. Not sure why you keep coming to this forum, since you disagree with whatever you have been told, and instead you are telling us that you know best.  
You have Covid risk though so you are worrying about the wrong disease.
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Agree with both GuitarRox and AnxiousNoMore.........You had no risk for HIV and did NOT need PEP.  Since your HIV counsellor prescribed PEP for what he definitely SHOULD know was a no risk exposure, I'd find a new counsellor with 21st century knowledge.  I'd also recommend you educate yourself about HIV.  
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