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help please

Hi, I am male 26 years old,
I met a girl exacty a year ago! we were dating from last october, I had several unprotected sex with her,
last week I came to know that she was raped at age 19 in ecuador by two guys and this was 5 years ago!!
she says she did some HIV and other test after coming back to U.K.(i.e one month after the incident) she is an Zoology scientist, she is involved in lot of travel around the globe, she says she involved in other two serious relationship before me, One- when she was in cuba for an year, two- with a guy from UK for about 2 years, as she says she had unprotected sex with them as well!!
Now I am worried about her and as well as me !!
I had a upset stomach for 2 days now, I never had this in for 4 years now, also I feel fatigue these days, are these any kind of symptom
she has taken an appointment for test on next wednesday!! having said that we are scared !!
can you please tell me the risk of Acquiring HIV
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What changed with you since Jan.2007, except for lieing about your age? You were 24 just a year ago in January when you first came to the forum and posted about a protected risk.
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Just incase you forgot what you posted.

by naga
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Jan 14, 2007 12:00AM
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HI every one

I am male,24 and student, i had drunk and had sex for the first time in my life last christmas, i had protected sex, am worried to much abt HIV because of 3 reasons

1) i had sex with sex worker

2) i didnt know the type of condom used and onemore guy had sex with the same couple of minutes before me, am just wondering if she had used the same condom to both of us

3) i had very mild fever and swollen lymph gland on left hand side which am not sure bcoz i dont feel pain some times (this happened 20 days after i had sex)

can anyone plz help me with this and plz lemme know abt the symtoms and their effects in brief
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Yes I remember that!! I was 24 on Jan 2007 but now I am 26, IF I had posted this on Jan 2008 and said am 26, then U were right I am lying, but its not the case now!!  FYI
after that incident I had test which came Negative  and then I moved on, then as I said in jun 2007 I met this girl whom I talking about!! hope this explains your doubt!!
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Test at 3 month post your last unprotected sex with her.
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