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hiv test

Good evening.how concludent is an hiv test antigen /antibody at 11 weeks post exposure?the contact was with condomn oral and vaginal..i experience all the symptoms :fever 2 day .a rash after fever with 2 diarhoe in the morning (body temperature when the rash apear was 36.5).jonction pain .muscle pain .acid on stomac..pain in inghinal zone.white tongue with a deposit whoss disapear and appear..the fever and rash was on the week six.the test came back.negative.also for std 's.i m scared because i toched the head o penis after remove condom..and there was semen..after 10 min i do again protected sex.thank u very much
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You had PROTECTED oral and insertive vaginal sex.......therefore you had ZERO risk for HIV or STD's.

You did not need to test.

Since you had no risk, your test at 11 weeks would be considered conclusive.

If you touched the head of your penis with your semen, that would not be a risk. You cannot infect yourself.

As for all your various symptoms, I suggest you see your doctor. Since you never had a risk for HIV, they have nothing to do with ARS, if that's what you're thinking.
Definitely discuss anxiety when you see your doctor!  
The thing was..when i remove the condom..i don t know if there was vaginal fluid.and with the hand i touch the head of penis .for this i m scared
HIV infection must occur inside the body, so your condom did its job.
What job ??because i don t understand .sorry ..
The job to protect you against HIV.
Thanks u very much..for response.i was thinking if ai haved vaginal secretion to hand and touch the head of penis when there was semen.is a way to get something like.this
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If i repeat the test in two.days this.test can be changed??i m very down..about the semen and vaginal.fluids if they was on the condomn..please help
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