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need to know something about HIV

Hi, I heard that there are no proven risks of getting HIV when you are the one getting "blow job".  

Well I gave a "blow job" to this guy and he told me he hasn't got any disease and he never had anal sex before which is true about the anal sex.  But he told me 2/3 other guys gave him a blow job and he probably got it a couple of times rather than several times, by the way he only gets blow job, he doesn't give it.  

So are there any risk of him getting HIV?  Because i sucked him off twice, once i think 8/9months+ and another time 4/5months back, the first time didnt suck him for long because he came quick, second time i hardly sucked him, he just came straight away and he cummed in my mouth, but i didnt keep it in my mouth for long so it didn't go on my gums or anything, when he came in he was still in my mouth and i swallowed it really quick with my saliva, like drinking a glass of water, his cum wasn't in my mouth for even a second, is there any risk of me getting HIV? I mean HE can't have HIV if he is the only one receiving it?
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ORAL SEX is NOT a risk for HIV infection

You did not have a risk

Hope this helps
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I was just a bit concerned thats all, if i go to any GUM clinics in London and i told them the story do you think they will say i need testing or just say i don't?

Plus the internet does say there are little risk for someone giving it and no risk of someone receiving a blow job, but just wanted to know from people who are experienced.

That was my first time ever doing it to the same person twice in the space of 3/4months.

And thank you your answer did calm me down.
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No risk either way.
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Sorry again, just wanted to know if I should go for a HIV test or STD test, because i read STD is common with oral
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You need to post your STD questions in the STD Forum.
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