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STD/STI/HIV: Am I at risk for catching anything?

So a few days ago I went to a strip club and I received a lap dance from a worker. She was topless but still had underwear on.

So she gave me a lap dance, Rubbing her butt on my lap. My lips ended up brushing past one of her boob area, but I never sucked on her ****.

At one point she even put her mouth over where my dick would be for a few seconds, mimicking a bj.But all of this happened with my clothes on. I had jeans on and underwear. She did not touch me under there, and I didn’t touch her genital area. my clothes were never off and this was the extent of it.

That was it, and nothing else happened after that.

Does this mean I’m good? Am I at risk for catching STD/STI/HIV?
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You can't get HIV through clothes. The only ways someone can get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles to inject drugs. Even if you had a full on blow job, it is not a risk for HIV. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Nothing else you describe is a risk for HIV. And while this is not the hiv forum, nothing is a risk for an std either.
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Thank you! Yes I was just very freaked out when my lips brushed past her boob (no sucking of a nipple)..so with this settled, no need for any type of HIV or STD testing AND I can just forget about this and move on with my life?
HIV and STDs do NOT pass through clothing, period.  Forget about this event and move on.
Thank you so much!  I'm understanding now. It was the act of my lips brushing past her boob for a few seconds that's had me all nervous, not the clothing part..
It wouldn't matter if you sucked her breast.  You can't get HIV or any STDs that way either.  That's not even CLOSE to sexual activity.  Sexual activity involves genitals.
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