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oral sex and HIV

I am 28 M and my partner was 30 F. I was engaged in unprotected Oral sex (Received Fellatio) from her. its been 10 days now. It last for only 1 min and during this I did not remember i have ejaculated in her mouth. Considering she had multiple partners, what are the chances to get affected with all STDs , HIV, HPv etc. I am really worried and stressed, depressed and regret it now. Can you guide me on this? I have no symptoms so far for bacterial infection expect feels some burning at urethra during Pee. But it last for some time only. I asked my partner also about she had previous history of any STDs or any serious disease but she said she is fine and ok. considering all possibilities please guide me. I am very much in stress and have lot of anxiety. Thanks

Its now exactly 10 days after my exposure today and I went to clinic and asked for full STD check up. Doctors did some physical exam on my penis and told everything is good. No signs as off now. But yesterday I caught bad throat and experiencing some cough and feeling of fatigue. I also had heat bump on my (a white color spot on my tongue but its healing). Today doctor said that throat is not too bad. it will heal its own and there is no fever. Is there any reason to worry about this?

I also forget to mention one scenario. I did fingering in her vagina and later she licked it and after that she performed oral sex on me which was unprotected. Is the vaginal fluid can cause any harm in this case?
I sucked her nipples also.

This post I am writing at 14th day from exposure. Today I dont have any fever but I keep checking it after almost an hour or two. I dont have any soar throat, my heat bump on tongue is healing now. Apart from that I  feel very depressed, can not sleep in night, didnt even go out for almost 2 weeks now.
Can someone help me?
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Good news!  Nothing you did puts you at risk for HIV.  In order to be at risk for HIV, you would have to:
1) have unprotected vaginal or anal sex - no condom, and you would have to penetrate a vagina or anus, not just get fluids on your penis,
2) share intravenous drug equipment with another intravenous drug user.  You sound like a smart young man, so I am guessing you don't do drugs.

So, you can forget about HIV entirely.  If you want to ask about other STDs, you can ask in the STD community here: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs/show/98
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Thank you so much. That sounds relieved. No I don't do any drugs and wont in my life.

I have follow up question. But what if she has any cuts in mouth or gum disease or any ulcers and same applies to Me. Because we engaged in Deep kissing and i think she bite on my lower lips but i did not taste any blood or saw any bite mark.

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No, not a risk at all.  If you look at the 2 ways I listed above, those are the ONLY ways you will put yourself at risk for HIV.  No drugs, no unprotected sex with anyone whose status you don't know.  That's all you have to do to be free from fear of HIV.
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Thanks a ton. I will keep you posted about the results. I believe everything will be GOOD.
Its time to get a Sex Education.
Wish you Happy new Year. Bye.
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