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rapid antibody test on the lab in four month and six, non reactive.

first of all, let me introduce myself, my name Nana...this problem give anxiety even though some people said I'm nonreactive for 4 months is conclusive.
here's mystory, I meet the guy on Grindr, in the middle of February 10-12 febaury to be exactly, I'm receptive and I realized the condom was stuck in my ass, and his sperm still in the tip of the condom when I pull it out, from that day, still think about it, I have a rash, canker, dermatitis seboroik on the head, and ear, even on the eyebrow perioral dermatitis,lymph node, from that I decided to consume carbidu, that contain Deksametason 0,5 milligrams which is corticosteroid and decided to go Public health center to get a rapid test in the middle of June, and the result is negative, and the doctor said I need to come back for the second time, and the symptom still persist, and every time symptom appears I consume carbidu  that contain corticosteroid 0,5 milligram for few days, and I retest again for six months which is between 12-14 Augustus, rapid test with blood draw on my vein, the result is negative.
my question is
1. does corticosteroid could delay antibody?
2. is my result is conclusive?
I'm so sorry if Iseemairhead or something, I just feel anxiety till know
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Reread about "only". You might as well have tested to see if you have male pregnancy.
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" the good news is you are negative " I meant you had no risk so you are automatically negative.
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It sounds as if the condom was on while he penetrated but slipped off his penis when he went soft. If so, you had no risk because only unprotected penetrating anal is a risk.

It is unfortunate that you thought otherwise and spent all this time inventing scenarios where you were positive, however the good news is you are negative so it is time to stop worrying. The first step to peace is to stop examining your body cold turkey, because there is no hiv to look for.
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Thank you so much for reassuring  me,because  I cannot sleep for almost one year  because of it, so my test in 6 month is conclusive  enough? And there's no medicine can delay production of antibody?
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