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restless because of the exposure with a call girl

Hi All,

I had a sex with a prostitute in hongkong 3 months before, I used condom. but since this is the first time I had sex, I don't know whether didn't I used condom properly or is there a break on it.Also I licked her vagina for 10 seconds and kissing her continuously.
since I wasn't comfortable with the sex I asked her to masturbate, so she removed the condom and she masturbated. this is my overall exposure.

From day 20 onwards I started getting lot of sympotoms,

Day 20 onwards - Rashes in chest and back, still its happening, mild throat pain.
Day 43 - Fever, for 3 weeks....... but it will be in persistent. every week I fell I am having fever only for 3 days.
Day 49 - Small Lymph nodes in neck and neck started paining.

In mid of these, I had sore thorat, led knee joint pain.......... lost weight of 5 kgs.

I started my testing from Day 29, below are the details,

Day 29 - Rapid Test - Negative
Day 33 - Rapid Test - Negative
Day 33 - Real Time PCR - Viral Load for HIV 1 - "Target Not Detected"
Day 43 - ELISA(3rd generation) - Non Reactive
Day 49 - HIV DUO - CMIA - Non Reactive (0.1)
Day 56 - ELISA(3rd generation) - Negative
Day 63 - ELISA(3rd generation) - Negative
Day 70 - ELISA(3rd generation) - Negative
Day 77 - HIV DUO - CMIA - Non Reactive(0.1)
Day 81 - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - "Not detectable"
Day 81 - HIV-2 RNA Qualitative - "Not Detected"
Day 90 - ELISA(3rd generation) - Negative
Day 90 - HIV DUO - CMIA - "Non Reactive" (0.0.7)

I tested HSV1,2, Sypllis, VDRL, CMV, Toxoplasmosis, TPHA, HbsAG on 88th day....... All negative. Only Rubella IGG is positive with vaule "136" which my doctor told its very high. (normal value is below 15).

My RBC was 6000 on 33rd day and 5000 on 88th day, I got reduced highly which I don't know why. and my lymphocytes was 26% on 33rd day and 33% on 88th day. this is got increased, is it because of HIV

I am helpless and hopeless now. I am like a mad guy....... cant eat, sleep......... I am always feels tired.

Ami right, if my symptoms are related to HIV, by this time I should have tested positive? am I correct...........

I still have multiple symptoms, advise me what can I do.

helpme all, please tell me what I have to do.

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u did not even need to test at all but your tests are extremely accurate and stop testing .move on
thanks this means a lot
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Any ideas, what causes my symptoms...... those are real....... it doesn't came by anxiety.

please help me
Testing determines a person's hiv status, not symptoms.
You are conclusively hiv negative.
You would know if the condom broke, plus as you were already told, protected sex doesn't require hiv testing.
Continue to work with your Dr but understand you conclusively ruled out hiv.
Ask your question in the STD forum.
thank u iommi, I tested myself again in 16 weeks, it was negative. I am thinking of doing another 20 and 24 weeks test......... it was a hell this phase is
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There is no reason to test again. First of all you had no risk because you used a condom. Secondly you already have over tested conclusively negative so any more tests you do will be a waste of time and money. If your symptoms were HIV you would've already tested positive by now. Since all your many tests are all negative then you do not have HIV, 100% sure with zero doubt.
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