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risk for HIV

Hi.. I'm feeling unnecessarily worried about this.. Yesterday I had a haircut. The person who cut my hair pushed the clipper guard against my head too hardly and this happened several times before I finally told him to go slower because it hurts.

So at home I took a picture and I realized that there are like abrasion marks (like the marks you get from scratches) on the back side of my head. I think it came from the clippers.

My question is:
1) Should I be worried about HIV or Hepatitis if this is the case? I noticed that there are no open cuts or anything like that. Just the abrasion marks.

2) The day after (which is today), I asked my girlfriend to see the back side of my head. She couldn't really tell, but she said the red marks could also be something like pimples or bumps. (So it didn't come from the clipper guards). I still notice that there are NO open cuts and I even try to put some medicine and it didn't hurt just to test it out. However, with the fact that the hairdresser pressed the clipper too hardly against my head, is there any probability of me getting infected with mentioned diseases? (Because obviously the clipper has been used to many other heads right?) I tried to call the store and they said to me that the clipper is always cleaned with alcohol after every customer.. But we never know..

I researched on the internet and from what I understand, I don't have to worry about anything because HIV virus will die very quickly after exposed to air.. But infected with hepatitis could be more likely.. I am pretty sure that there are no blood on the clipper guard and even if there are, they should have dried out.

I really appreciate any help you can give.. Thanks before...
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You did not have an HIV risk from getting a hair cut.  No one has ever been infected in that manner.
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Thank you so much for your answer.
I have another question.. If let's say there is a hypothetical situation, in which the wound from the pimple marks were cut open by the clipper guard when I'm being trimmed. And the clipper was used by the previous client who is HIV +. let's say 3 minutes before me. Is there still going to be no risk?

If someone was stabbed using a blade with dried blood of a person who is infected with HIV, is it safe to say that the stabbed person has NO risk of HIV?

Thanks again..
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Hiv does not do well once exposed to air. So yes no risk
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Thank you very much for your answer. It is very relieving :). God bless.
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