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unprotected sex / deep cavity / headaches RELATED??

Hi, please help im deeply worried :(

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a women friend of mine. both caucasian, mid-lower 20s, USA, non-iv users, single episode.

i had sx with her about 6 months ago and tested NEG after 3 months but she and her ex-bf had sx between this time we had sx which was 1 month 10 days ago.. I started getting headaches 2 weeks after we had sx, and its been over like 5 weeks that ive been getting these headaches pretty much everyday.
Also, see below possibly (hopefully!) the reason for my headaches...

I think about this stuff everyday!!! Although ibuprofen DOES relieve my headaches..

ive had a deep cavity which i haven't gotten fixed in MONTHS but should have a long time ago. It's my upper very back tooth and my dentist said its very close to the nerve and i need a root canal.

so, ive been having headaches for about 5 maybe 6 weeks now and its pretty much everyday.
does this sound normal or something that would happen??
thank you in advance..
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Test 3 months after last unprotected exposure. Your headache has nothing to do with HIV.
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You said you had a 3 month negative test after your unprotected exposure. You are negative. You do not have HIV.
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Sorry for the confusion...I had sx with her AGAIN 1 month and 10 days ago, and 2 weeks following, i started getting headaches, which ive had for about 5 weeks....

does that help with any more info?
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Doesn't change the fact that you would be stupid enough to have unprotected sex again.
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thanks Vance :)
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