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Hearing clearer...?

Hey there,
So over the last year every time i had a slight cold or tried cleaning my left ear I found my hearing became bad.
It would feel like a had a cotton ball in my ear.
Then today i cleaned my ears as per normal with a Q-tip and my left ear has become so clear.
everything is about 10x louder, much louder then my right hear.
I tested this my playing music on my phone holding it near my right hear and then to my left and the volume change was amazing. I can hear a fly buzz and everything.
But anyway my question is why is it suddenly clearer??? i had minimal wax on the Q-tip. should I see a GP???
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Hi, it's not possible to remove excessive earwax or even know if its a problem by using a Q-tip. We generally advise not to use Q-tips for cleaning the inside of the ears, because this can actually push the wax farther into the ear rather than remove it. It is possible that there was some wax that became dislodged as you were cleaning.  The best advice is to have a physician take a look inside your ears and advise if there is excessive wax  or some type of other condition (infection, fungus, growth) that might be interfering with your hearing.
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why do I feel like water or something in my ears all the time I can yarn hard and ill feel them open up but back cloggy feeling again
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