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puffing sound in ears

I have just started having this strange puffing sound in my ears. It's not loud, but very annoying. There will typically be three puffs in quick succession, sometimes followed by a fourth one after a second or so. Then there will be a gap of several seconds before the whole thing repeats. It seems to be in both ears, but I could be mistaken about that. The left is definitely more, however. I have a respiratory infection, so I'm thinking it must be connected. Thanks for any leads.

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The puffing sound may be related to eustachian tube dysfunction. An ENT can best diagnose if this is the case. Alternately, the sounds you are hearing may actually be tinnitus--an auditory perception not produced from an external sound. Tinnitus may be constant or occur intermittently in one or both ears. It may occur suddenly or gradually over a period of time. Tinnitus is a common symptom of hearing loss; so a consultation with an audiologist for a hearing evaluation is recommended. Lastly, the sequential puffing sound may be related to your heartbeat, since the carotid artery runs close to the ear. You may want to discuss this with a cardiologist and/or ENT.
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Ya i've been having this strange buzzing,whistling sound in my ear f0r as l0ng as i can remember.recently it's g0t worse.is it curable.i cant sleep n m having anxiety b0ut it.m just 24/m n it's ruining my life.:-(
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