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80% Stenosis D1 lifestyle

I have just recently (5 days) Had a heart attack I am a 36 year old male.
Really i just need to know how bad my condition is and what i can and can not do
I was admitted with chest pain and had a coronary angiogram  diagnosis and results are as follows
Troponin 106
ECG ok with no ST elevation
80% stenosis to the D1 extending to the LAD
40% Stenosis to the mid RCA
I am being treated with tablets for life

Many thanks for your replies in advance
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So when they did the Angiogram there was no total blockage?
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Thank you so much for your reply No total blockage  they said they would of put a stent in but it was at the junction and would of overhung causing more issues later on. 80% seems bad and not sure what affect this will have

Many thanks
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Well medications seem to be doing a good job because your troponin levels are obviously reducing. I think I would start by have a very close look at your lifestyle and see what risks you have. Whatever caused your heart attack must have broke up and dispersed because I cant see it being the 80%.
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Perfect thank you so much :)
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