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Anxiety of Heart Issues

I have some symptoms going on and I just wanted to see if I was alone or if anyone has any idea as to what is going on with me. So, about 3 years ago, I woke from a dead sleep and I was dizzy and out of it and chest pain. I was nauseous and going to the bathroom a lot. My husband took me to the ER. Everything checked out fine and they sent me home but they symptoms didn't stop. I would go through phases where my legs would hurt, my chest, I would be faint and nauseous. I went to my PCP and he ran some tests but came up with nothing. I went to a cardiologist, everything was normal. I went to a neurologist and had an MRI, everything was fine. No one could give me answers. I felt like I was being passed around by my PCP from specialist to specialist with no answers. So, when the symptoms stopped, I stopped pushing. well, about 8 months later I got pregnant. everything was fine. no problems. Well, yesterday I was at my mom's to pick my son up from her house (he's almost 2 now) and I started with the chest pains. I felt out of it and dizzy and couldn't catch my breath and nauseous. Once I got home, I went to lay down and eventually the symptoms subsided. One thing to note is that I was on my period when I had both of these episodes (not sure if this is related). I messaged my same PCP last night to let him know I had another episode.. his suggestion was ER. I let him know this morning that I didn't go to the ER and that could this be hormonal since my period is the only thing that is consistent in these 2 episodes. he said call OBGYN. So, he really isn't helping and I plan to call. I just want to see if ANYONE has an idea of what this could be or anyone in the same boat??

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