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Heart Attack or Something else?

I have had 2 episodes of waking up during the night feeling like someone was squeezing my heart as hard as they could along with upper back pain ( left side) which went round my left side to my heart.

Leading up to both of these I was feeling unwell throughout the day I felt dizzy, confused and tired.

The first time this happened was under 2 weeks ago and the 2nd time was 2 nights ago.

After the first time I went to my doctor and had ECG ( results irregular heartbeat) and blood tests ( all ok).
The second time I went to accident and emergency ( They did blood test, ECG,  chest X-ray) All tests ok.

Right now I feel dizzy, my heart feels heavy and my tongue keeps tingling.

I have been referred to have an Eco heart scan and 24 hour ECG ( both booked in in 2 weeks time)
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Hi there,

I'm writing because I've been experiencing some unusual symptoms that worry me. I'm hoping you can help me find out what's going on with my heart.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a heart attack. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was squeezing my heart as hard as they could along with upper back pain (left side https://naturistics.co.uk/). This went round my left side to my heart. My doctor did an ECG (electrocardiogram) and blood tests and everything checked out fine. He said that if it happened again, he would recommend an eco heart scan and 24-hour ECG (electrocardiogram).
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I think you need to rule out your heart before you look for other causes as these are pretty classic signs of a heart under stress. My guess is your blood tests included troponin which if normal would be very reassuring as it means there was no heart injury.
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