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BAV with dilated ascending aorta, mild regurgitation and arrhythmia.


I was just diagnosed with Bicuspid with fused right and left coronary cusps, mild aortic regurgitation, dilated ascending aorta measuring 38mm, and premature atrial and ventricular contractions. I’ve also had high blood pressure that has been monitored in the past with medications but the past year been so low that we stop that medication.
I’m a 35 year old female, 5’11 and 158lbs. I live a pretty healthy life, don’t smoke or drink. I do experience mild chest pain and always have an agitated feeling on my left side that I also feel on my back. Laying on my left side is uncomfortable. And I always feel tired. I do have seating spells out of nowhere and feelings of going to pass out. We are going to do a CT coronary angiogram next to see the deft of the aorta. I’m nervous and scared about the future. My doctor said that I should stay away from strenuous exercises. What does this really mean? Am I at higher risk for heart failure because I have so many things that are wrong with my heart? Is heart surgery something I should be ready for? Any information is appreciated.
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boy I wish I knew I am new to heart disease but I wanted to answer u because I know what it's like to b scared.  did u get any more info from your cardiologist?  try not to panic since u don't have enough information to know what's going on. hang in and hooefully someone will answer , breathe
I’m having a CT soon so will know more then I guess. Such scary news. The cardiologist was pretty surprised when he saw my results too, so that made me even more nervous!
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Hey there... Bicuspid what?  The valve on outflow has fused LCA and RCA tracks?  

How was this diagnosed?

And yes with a dilated aorta please please do not strain!

You can get an aneurysm, dissection etc.

By straining...

We mean

Lifting heavy objects
High intensity sports

Light walking and etc are fine..
Do  you live alone or is there someone who can help you?

This is all presumably congenital...

Are you seeing a congenital cardiologist?

I know it's really scary... I was a nurse and got sick at 26-29 now...

It Super overwhelming...

Going to get more scans now.  

But you've made it this far.  So you will be all good.  A surgery isn't the worst thing ;)

I'm here to talk or med advice from a nursing perspective!
Bicuspid aorta valve disease. I guess I forgot some words haha. I’m seeing a cardiologist and he did a echocardiogram last week. We are doing a CT scan now in a few days. Yes it is definitely overwhelming that’s for sure. I’m having light chest pains all the time, and get lightheaded very easy. I have a fiancé so have someone at home. I have really bad migraines and get really sick at times and puke a lot. I guess all these sicknesses do go good together!! Hopefully they can figure something out.
I think the cta will be very informative.  Give some clear steps forward.  Keep me posted on what they say.  Do you vomit from neuasa?
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