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Endocarditis and Severe Regurgitation

Hi.  I have a mitral valve prolapse with mild mitral regurgitation.  I understand this may lead to endocarditis and severe regurgitation.  I want to know what would cause these complications and how to prevent those.  Thanks so much.  Would appreciate anyone's help on this.
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Mitral valve prolapse does not lead endocarditis. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the leaflets and tendon-like cords supporting the mitral valve weaken. The result is that with each contraction of the left ventricle, the valve leaflets bulge (prolapse) up into the left atrium. This common heart defect may prevent the mitral valve from closing tightly and lead to regurgitation. However, mitral valve prolapse is common and most people who have it never develop severe regurgitation. Mild regurgitation is considered medically insignificant.

Mitral valve regurgitation may result from damage to the tissue cords that anchor the flaps of the mitral valve to the heart wall. Over time, these cords may stretch or suddenly tear, especially in people with mitral valve prolapse. A tear of these cords can cause substantial leakage through the mitral valve and may require repair by heart surgery.

When mild, mitral valve regurgitation may never pose a serious threat to your health. But when severe, mitral valve regurgitation may cause heart complications and require surgery to correct.

Endocarditis is heart muscle disease caused by a virus or bacteria that can effect the valves.
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Hi Myralyn - I had my mitral valve repaired last May due to severe MTR. I was in no immediate danger, however because mine was severe it was recommended that I have surgery. I was very fortunate to find a wonderful team of surgeons and a fantastic anesthesiologist as well. Don't worry about it - have regular scans, exercise and stay healthy! Maureen
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Hi Maureen! Thanks so much! That was a really a great help.
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You may have sort of got the cart before the horse.  A viral or bacterial infection of the heart can do lasting damage like beat up your valves.  Just having a valve problem does not put you at a risk or infection though.  Pshew!
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Thank you, banglamom!
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