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Heart Tests Concerned

After being sick in March of 2020 I started experiencing chest feeling like heartbeat with shivering. My fitness watch was giving me a fib alerts. My doctor ordered a 14 day holter monitor that showed a couple occurrences of a fib. I recently had an echo that shows trace tricuspid, mitral and pulmonic regurgitation as well as Trace pericardial effusion without evidence of tamponade physiology.  My doctors are saying everything is normal but I feel it may not be a major issue but could develop into one if not addressed.  
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I can understand your concern!  I try to trust doctors who really, by the oath they take are there to make sure I'm aware of true concerns. I know with very mild tricuspid mitral valve regurgitation that they often do not treat this.  It's considered harmless. And would assume 'trace' is in place of mild there. Maybe this article will ease your mind on that. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tricuspid-valve-regurgitation/symptoms-causes/syc-20350168  

Also, trace amounts of pericardial effusion (or fluid) is also something that sounds like you have very little of and in general, doesn't mean underlying disease.  

But we're talking about your heart here.  Easy for me to say that you should not worry.  If you are unsure, I'd make a list of questions and get it all out with your doctor.  Have them explain the reports and WHY they are saying you are normal. (which again, I would say from my stand point, that you do not have cardiac concerns but that's not my job).  I understand the feeling that maybe it could get worse.  I'd want to discuss that as well.  

Are you under stress by the way for the original issue you were having that set off your fitness watch?
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